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Pilot Project Muscular Diseases

patient2care® - What is it about?

patient2care is a new digital navigation platform created with and for patients. It enables patients and their relatives to quickly and easily find helpful information and support on many issues related to their disease.

Access to possible therapies, treatment centers, aids or, more generally, oder to trustworthy information to better manage a rare or complex disease all too often already requires experts' knowledge. Finding specific support options through self-help, internet research, specialized counseling services, and navigating to what is available is the opportunity to help those in their situations

A first concrete pilot project for the novel digital approach is the personal guide in the particularly extensive field of neuromuscular diseases.

patient2care® helps patients to better navigate the healthcare system!

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Project partners - Who is involved?

German Society for Muscular Diseases

The German Society for Muscular Diseases (DGM), based in Freiburg, Germany, is the largest and oldest German self-help organization for people with neuromuscular diseases, with over 9,100 members. For over 50 years, the DGM has been promoting research into the more than 800 different muscle diseases known today, some of which are very rare. An important task of the DGM is also to advise and support affected persons and their relatives in their everyday lives. Providing information about muscle diseases and representing the interests of people with muscle diseases in health policy are further central concerns of the self-help organization. 


admedicum brings together the services of healthcare companies and the needs of patients. The decisive factors are credibility, genuine cooperation and a sustainable benefit for all. admedicum is oriented towards the common good and always pays attention to transparency, independence of all partners and the preservation of human dignity.

admedicum are specialists for patient involvement and patient access in research, development and the offering of drugs, medical devices and services. We network the knowledge and skills of patients, patient organizations and healthcare companies in Germany and Europe.

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